AXIS Integrated’s site needed updating. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and we needed to start “looking” like the awesome work we were creating. I wanted to keep the design simple, clean and fresh, so that we’re really showcasing our body of work and the many services we provide. We’re telling the story of AXIS but more importantly, we’re telling our clients’ story. In addition to the design conception, I was responsible for the HTML & CSS, offloading the code to the development team and working with them when code and style needed to be tweaked, overhauled, or added.

Visit the site.

AXIS Home Page
AXIS Solutions Page
AXIS mobile view of website
AXIS Solution Page
AXIS Process page
AXIS Case Study
AXIS Tablet view
With the new look for the website complete, I set out to expand the look and feel with a branding overhaul.

Examples of AXIS' branding
As the sole designer in the company I’m tasked with many non-web projects. Each day brings with it the opportunity to create PowerPoint presentation decks, advertisements, email templates, info-graphics, printed materials, and much more. I’ve become a jack of all trades. Below is a selection of some of the work I’ve spearheaded.

AXIS Business Card
AXIS curved display
AXIS Brochure outer
AXIS brochure inner