In my line of work, I’m often asked to create design concepts for client websites. Sometimes they’re just looking for a touch-up; nothing too drastic, just a few minimal changes to freshen up their look. Other times it’s a complete overhaul of their existing site. And sometimes even if a client isn’t looking for a new look, I just want to experiment, expand my skill set by testing out a few design ideas on real-world brands.

To start off, it’s my job is to define their main problem and fix it with a new layout. Keeping in mind their brand, their customers, their goals, and the user experience, I come up with several design concepts to present to clients. I begin by researching the client; What is their brand? What problems do I see with their current site? What can I do to simplify their site so the users experience is simple and seamless? These questions are all part of the idea-generation process. Once I’ve identified the issues, I create and present several concepts to key stakeholders.

Below are a few concepts I’ve created for a variety of clients.

KSB Canada Mockup
CSHP Mockup

COBS Bread website mockup in mobile view
COBS Bread website tablet view mockup
COBS Bread Mockup 1

RiteBite Mockup
RiteBite Christmas Contest
Restored Designs WordPress Mockup
Think DMW
Sadochok mockup

Imvescor mockup
Pizza Delight Mockup

AXIS Integrated Mockup 1
AXIS Integrated Mockup 2
AXIS Integrated Mockup 4
AXIS Integrated Mockup 3