I was brought in during SuperHuman Stength’s infancy and have been consulting on design ideas with them ever since. It began with creating PowerPoint Presentation Decks they could show to prospective consumers and has expanded to web design consultation, microsite and t-shirt designs, social media banners, brochures, and large format signage.

Dom and Gary are both entrepreneurs and know the value of speaking directly to their potential consumer base. They were on a speaking tour and needed a microsite to promote the seminars they were hosting. Their talks were geared towards young individuals who were looking to match their passions with a viable career. The site needed to be catchy, vibrant, and fun, but also informative — letting potential seminar guests know what their talks would be about.

SuperHuman Semiar Microsite
SuperHuman Strength then evolved into a natural food and supplement company. Their site was built, but Dom came to me asking for my professional opinion on how it looked. There were a few pages he was concerned about and hoped I could mock up a design that he could take to his developer. The product page needed to do a lot of things, show the product off, allow users to easily add the product to their cart, and show them customer reviews. I wanted to bring attention the Toronto Maple Leafs player testimonial which I thought would really bring credentials to the product, so I separated it from the typical customer reviews, making it a focal point.
SuperHuman Strength Website
As SuperHuman Strength began expanding its reach, they were going to trade shows and were in need of a large curved booth display and t-shirt for reps to wear and consumers to purchase.  The curved display needed to be eye-catching but informative.
Curved Sign
Tshirt design
SuperHuman Brochure
SuperHuman Brochure