Zoompass is a company providing mobile money and prepaid solutions to businesses and consumers. I was first brought on to create a few PowerPoint Presentation / Investor Decks.  They were looking to expand their reach and needed decks that looked professional. They liked my work so much my role expanded into consultation – I was asked to freshen up pieces of their website that just weren’t flowing the way they had wanted. Taking what was on their site, I reformatted the layout, simplified the navigation and created clear breaks in material for a friendlier and simplified design.

Visit the site.

Zoompass Landing page
Next I was asked to create a flyer/billboard that would go across the Canadian market. It needed to be eye-catching but simple. People needed the facts laid out in a way they could quickly see and understand.
Zoompass Flyer
After the success of the flyer, I was then asked to consult on their mobile app. Their design team had come up with an idea, but they felt something was missing. It needed to be cleaned up, made more user friendly. Keeping in mind that this was going to be used on mobile devices I made buttons larger to expand the click zone for fingers; I simplified the colour scheme and created clear markers for grouped items.  The overall format wasn’t changed much, but the simple changes made a world of difference.
zoompass app mobile
Zoompass app tablet